• Vacuum packed in individual servings
  • Minimum order 5 boxes
  • Temperature-controlled transport NOT included
  • Our plant is located in Valencia, Spain.
  • Price: € 20.95 / kg x 7 kg / box: € 146.65 per box


  • V-range Iberico meat.
  • Between 250/350 grams each serving.
  • 7 Kilos per box approximately.
  • Only for sale in Europe.

Black Pork offers its customers vacuum-packed fifth-range Iberico pork in individual servings. Our products have been prepared, cooked and packaged, and therefore ready to consume after a minimum regeneration in the oven of 15/20 minutes.

The Ibérico Abanico is the part that surrounds the ribs on the outside. It is located in the front area of ​​the headland, next to the dam. It is a piece rich in streaks of fat, fine cut, tasty and juicy due to the intra-muscular fat infiltrations unique to the Iberian breed. Its name is due to the fact that the cut comes directly from the fan-shaped cutting of fine fillets weighing approximately 250 grams each. An Iberian delicacy.

With the Ibérico abanico you can prepare hamburgers or sandwiches, with the pulled pork tacos, montaditos, pizzas and with the barbecue ribs, magnificent dishes with sweet potatoes for example, which are now so fashionable. In short, the three products have many combinations and alternatives !!

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