Black Pork Sociedad Limitada is a B2B company from Spain who sell precooked & frozen pork products in Spain and is also certified to export to all European countries, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. Our pork plant is located in Valencia, Spain.

Our products belong to the V range. The 5th Range are products that has been prepared for distribution and consumption following a simple regeneration process. They offer the simplest and surest solution for catering establishments thanks to a production process that remains home cooking-based but incorporates the newest technologies in the culinary field.The quality control we have made throughout the production process ensure maximum food safety as well as the best quality, presentation, texture and the taste of the final product, without the need for additives or preservatives

Our products are ideal for catering & events, food delivery platforms, sandwich & burger companies, cruisers as well as supermarkets who serve prepared meals to eat in their stores or for take away, like this supermarket in China who belong to Alibaba group.

Black Pork has one of the best roasted pork knuckle, shoulder and ribs from Spain. Why? Because our pork have been precooked during 2 full days in a raw so the flavour is much better than others as the result of the application of new technologies in the field of gastronomy.

The big advantage for Chefs: Defrost and only need 30 minutes in the oven, that’s it!

All our products have been designed with the needs of today’s kitchens and are the result of careful research. We have an attractive selection of products and recipes, made with the finest ingredients and using processes that ensure optimal results when serving.

Any company interested in our products should contact us via WhatsApp, email or Wechat for personal treatment.



Precooked ( 48 hours between 65-75ºC), vacuum packaged and deep frozen.


1 x 20 FCL: 20 pallets - 1.200 carton boxes

One pallet: 60 carton boxes

Measurement of carton boxes: 25cms x 32cms x 24 cms (High)

Total weight of each carton box: 10 kgs approx.

Transportation at -18ºC

H.S. Code: 210690

18 months shelf life since day of production