Ibérico pork delivery - only franchise


 Black Pork company was founded in Spain by Jose Luis Artiles.

Our business concept: 

We are an IBERICO PORK sandwich & dishes delivery - only ready to eat food franchise company from Spain with 2 kind of clients:

1.- Ghost - kitchens (virtual kitchens), who deliver our premium products to their clients at home or work, could be our brand only or multi-brand company.

2.- Delivery platforms, with their own kitchen & chefs, who deliver ready to eat Black Pork products with our brand to end consumers at home or work.

 So what we offer to end consumer is to have the opportunity to eat excellent food from Spain, raw material from Spain with our own recipes prepared by our famous Chef Casamayor, this is the added value we offer..

Franchisee must:

1.- Send their Chefs to Valencia, Spain for a 3 day training sessions - 3 hours per day - with our famous Chef Juan Casamayor, winner at MADRID FUSION 2014 with the best sandwich of all Spain.

2.- Purchase all Iberico meat pork products to Black Pork company. First trial order must be 300Kgs - with 5 different products - and will be hold in a thermobox with 30 Kgs of Dry Ice inside.

3.- Pay to Black Pork company a percentage of monthly gross sales as royalty and publicity canon.

4.- Black Pork will provide his franchisee the right software in order to control the inventory and all sales.

5.- Sign the franchisee contract with Black Pork company. 

Mr. Artiles has top business contacts in Spain and abroad so he offer in Gran Canaria the BLACK PORK TASTING EVENT where our guests can taste some top cheeses, wines and the Canarian Black Pork with marine salt, a unique event in the world as this premium pork only grow and can be found in Canary Islands, Spain.
In addition, as we are international trade & negotiations specialist, we export precooked shoulder and precooked ribs  landrace-large white pork to some particular clients.