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Black Pork is a premium Ready-to-Eat meat company in Spain. One of our main products is our Black Pork Pack, a carton box with almost 4 Kgs of Ibérico & Duroc pork cuts from Spain.

Black Pork Pack are of the fifth range, so they have been prepared in our plant in Valencia ( Spain) during many hours of vacuum cooking – 48 hours some of them –  at low temperature with state-of-the-art machinery, partially prepared and ready to consume with a simple 20 minute oven regeneration.

Our goal with Black Pork Pack is that our customers could have three top quality Iberian pork and duroc products on hand, with extraordinary flavors and very easy to prepare taking into account that the most laborious part we have done it in our plant in Valencia during hours of vacuum cooking  at low temperature with the latest technology.

Always a Black Pork Pack at home

When you don’t feel like cooking and want to offer your family and friends some premium dishes, all you just have to do is turn on the oven and heat any of the 3 Black Pork products for a few minutes. Remember that Black Pork Pack contains 4/6 portions of Abanico Ibérico (1.3 kgs), two portions of Duroc white pork ribs (1.3 kgs) and 2/3 portions of Duroc white pork knuckle (1.3 kgs), a total of almost 4 kgs, an excellent option to always have it on hand !!



Black Pork culinary advisor is Chef Casamayor ( in the picture), winner with the best Ibérico pork sandwich of Spain in MADRID FUSION 2014, the most important gastronomic event in Spain. Graduated in cooking at the school of hospitality in Spain he has worked with many enterprises helping them with their culinary menus. Chef Casamayor is the manager of the 5th range meat plant in Valencia where Black Pork products are prepared. In the picture we can also see Chef Martin Berasategui – 12 Michelin Stars – during MADRID FUSION 2014 sandwich contest.


Jose Luis Artiles is the Ceo and founder of Black Pork. Mr. Artiles has deep experience in the food sector and from 1986 to 1990 was the General Manager of Diageo in Las Palmas Province, Spain. He has been organizing many Black Pork tasting events, cooking classes and culinary events for executives. He is also head professor of international negotiations with Chinese exporters at Mid Atlantic University in Spain. 

More info:

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Valencia, España

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