Our goal is to have the opportunity that many people taste our top products from Spain so we are seeking partnerships worldwide who can help us to approach several international markets.

About Black Pork

Black Pork is a food company from Spain focusing only on premium food products. We are launching in Spain a virtual brand for multi brand ghost kitchen chains where their end consumers at home & work will be able to taste our premium pork hamburgers, hot-dogs and sandwiches.
On the other hands we export hand cut sliced acorn-fed 100% IBERICO ham in 100 grams cardboard – the best QUALITY ham from Spain – ideal for digital platforms with high level end consumers at home & work.
Black Pork brand is youthful, energetic, refreshing, distinctive, exciting  and reliable. Savoring a slice of our Black Pork Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Ham is like spending a night at the philharmonic. It is both a ritual and an aesthetic enjoyment, a pleasure that fills several senses at the same time: Texture, Aroma,Taste and Culture.
CEO professional website: www.joseluisartiles.com


Our Mission

To export the best premium food products from Spain and make foreign consumers enjoy our iberico & ham meals.

Our Vision

To be agile, innovative and strategically aligned with our customers.


Customer obsessed, innovation, passion, integrity, partnership and quality.

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Black P. S. L. Francisco Wood Quintana, 4 35017 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA SPAIN
Registro Sanitario: 10.027981/GC
Open – 9am a 5pm