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Black Pork precooked products have a huge advantage for chefs because it has a lot of versatility of preparation and with only 30 minutes in the oven we have a crispy and tasty pork! Juan Casamayor

Chef Juan Casamayor, winner best sandwich in Spain at MADRID FUSION 2014

Precooked pork is a good option to make the most of the benefits cooks vacuum at low temperature. Saving long cooking and consumption times. Always juicy and crunchy product. Xabier Blanco

Xabier Blanco, Chef revelation of the Canary Islands 2017. Chef Restaurant SUMMUM (Bull hotels)

Precooked  Black Pork ribs is a very good piece as the flavor and texture is very nice because you can do many things with this piece of meat. Fatty and glazing it like spare ribs would make this into an amazing dish. Seabourn Encore Cruise

Seabourn Encore Chef

48 hours cooking in a row

Pre-cooked, vacuum packaged and deep frozen

The result of the application of new technologies in the field of gastronomy

Only 30 minutes in the oven at 250ºC - 482F - until the skin is golden and crispy

Chef Juan Casamayor

Black Pork Sandwiches

Chef Juan Casamayor´s Recipes

Chef Casamayor has prepared several recipes ( sandwiches & dishes) for Black Pork company. It is very important to know that our Black Pork dishes

have been prepared with our own shoulders, ribs and knuckles pork, so we confirm that all our dishes are made with our own raw material.

Jose Luis Artiles


Chef Martin Berasategui

10th Michelin Star

Chef Pepe Rodriguez

Masterchef Spain

Chef Joan Roca

2015 1st ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World


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